Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trincomalee Diving

Diving by the natural harbour of Trincomalee! - Post your comments here!


Gary.Harlock said...

Can you help, I am trying to find two old freinds from 1982, Peter Kao and Chiling Chan. Both were divers who worked out of Trinco and Columbo

Peter kao said...

hi Gary this is Peter kao ,i've being in the U.S since 98'
like to hear from you.
cell # 713 670 4043
e-mail peterkao@rocketmail.com

Gary.Harlock said...

Hi Peter, I am still having problems getti9ng hold of you. I have sent a number of emails. Are you on Skype, Facebook or Linked in. My Skype name is harlockg7525